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Menstrual Cycle Journal

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Custom 12 Month (Undated) Menstrual Cycle Journal. This spiral bind journal has beautiful clipart and color design pages. This isn't the design for you, we have more coming.

I researched for months to create a journal that would help to not only educate our teens, but also, help them to track their monthly cycles and side effects during periods. There are places to write notes, inspirational quotes, words of affirmation/encouragement, your feelings, and more. I wanted something to add to help our teens, but I soon realized that this could also help adults.  I searched for something similar, but nothing came close or wasn't available, for what i had in mind. I soon started researching for what I needed this journal to represent.  After months of research, I was finally ready to put this journal together. Putting the journal together, wasn't an easy task, but with determination, it finally came together. Now I am so happy that it has. 

I realize that everyone has different planner and journal needs, so I decided to create several options. I hope you can find one that suits you ♥♥♥

This journal includes the following:

  • Undated Monthly Calendar
  • Reminders
  • Cycle Side Effects Tracker
  • Notes
  • Feelings/Inspirations Page
  • Dictionary Of Terms
  • Positive Affirmations
  • 90 pages
  • Coil Bind