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She-Rise Collections, LLC

Party Favor Class (In-Person) Louisiana

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This party favor class is at a designated place in Louisiana. The class will consist of knowledge on designing and creating party favor treats, designing, and templates to each favor. In this class you will be given templates on what it taught but I will also teach you how to create and sell your own templates. This is not a physical product, nothing will be mailed to you. This is an in-person class. This is a "NO REFUNDS" policy. Due to the significance of class seating, refunds WILL NOT be issued in the event that you are unable to attend.

The favors include:

  • chip bag
  • cookie bag
  • sports drink
  • reese's 
  • skittles
  • gushers
  • fruit snacks

Class will include:

  • How to create templates 
  • How to design 
  • Where to get clipart to design
  • Tools, papers, tapes
  • How to assemble the products
  • and some of my hidden tips to market your product 
  • information and knowledge on copyright and more.